Rutledge Group Continues Learning with COSE

As a Board Member of the Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) in Cleveland and in an effort yo continually improve the quality of service provided to the customers of the Rutledge Group, Deborah Rutledge and other members of the Rutledge Group attended a meeting yesterday regarding how to bring in and best utilize people in the workplace.

The event’s primary speaker was Todd Johnson from Gallup. On top of talking about how workers eventually lead to long term profits and stocks rising, Johnson told the gathered crowd that the right people need to be the exact right fit for a job in order to get the most out of them. One example he explained was the mistake of promoting a good worker to a management position, even if that worker does not have management skills.

Most importantly, Rutledge and the other members of the Rutledge Group were reminded how important meaningful relationships with customers is to having success. Relationships allow business owners to know what customers need and how to best get them what they need.

Overall, the event was informative and will help the Rutledge Group serve its customers better in the future.