Rutledge Group Among the Army of Believers

On Friday, August 31, the Army of Believers held their Eighth Annual Scholarship Luncheon, and as a supporter of schools in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District Deborah Rutledge was on hand at the function.

Rutledge acts as the Chair of the Finance Committee of the Transformation Alliance, a group that is dedicated to the mission of increasing the number of quality district and charter schools in the city. As part of her involvement with the organization, Rutledge has worked with people in the within the District like CEO Eric S. Gordon. With that being the case, she wanted to be at the event to show her continued support.

The luncheon was held at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Cleveland and played host to over six hundred supporters, including students, families and other supporters. Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge was set to be in attendance but was unable to be on hand due to congressional duties.

During the event, 16 scholarships were handed out to help students further their education, including the first two to receive the Samuel G. Lucarelli Scholarshp.

Throughout the luncheon, a number of people took the stage and spoke on behalf of the CMSD students. Even though Congresswoman Fudge couldn’t be present on the dais, she recorded her speech and had it played for the crowd.

Gordon introduced the speakers throughout the day and spoke as well. ON top of updating the crowd on what was happening within the District, he introduced a new plan to keep students in school. The initiative targets students who have had attendance issues and reminds them that it is not too late to come back. The initiative is called the Get2SchoolCLE program and is running on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.